Ceramist "Terre en Feu"
Photographer "Art & Photo"

BLUE FISHkeramiek, bewerkt met engobe en glazuur
COFFEEHandmade ceramics 6 cups and plates stonefired, satin glazed...
boxesceramic boxes
CLASSYphotograph on dibond 100 x 70 cm
MORGANphotograph on dibond 100 x 70 cm high
Coffeetimecoffeecan, sugarpot, milkpot, 6 cups & plates highfired, white glaze...
Pot with lidSOLD handbuilt pot, lowfired drawing in underglaze...
PREGNANTTwo handbuilt vases, kept together with a red ribbon. The vases represent "...
CHRISTMAS DECORATIO...decoration with a personal inscription (on demand) porcelain, handpainted...
CHRISTMAS DECORATIO...Porcelain ornament for the christmastree Ø 4,5 cm...
PULLING2 vases, representing "Mother and child" white glaze, handbuilt...
LARGE BOWLHandbuilt bowl, painted with engobes and glaze...
THIN CERAMIC PLATTE...Thin ceramic platter, inside engobe and glaze, outside pure clay...
Sugar bowlSugar bowl with lid, handbuilt, highfired...
SphereCeramic handbuilt sphere
Vasehandbuilt ceramic vase
Ceramic stonesceramic stones, handbuilt, treated with terra sigillata, smokefired...
Fishceramic fish, handbuilt, glazed and lowfired...
Melonphotograph dibond 100 x 70 cm macro of a melon...
Muppetphoto on dibond 40 x 60 cm
PoppiesField op poppies photo on dibond 100 x 70 cm...
Blueberriesfoto op dibond 40 x 60 cm
jewelery boxes3 jewelery boxes, handbuilt, glazed
3 handbuilt vaseshandbuilt, glazed sgrafittotechnic
Vases3 handbuilt vases stoneware particially glazed...
Ilonaphoto 70 x 70 cm dibond
TogetherPhoto 50 x 50 cm dibond
BERLINphoto of the Reichsstadt in Berlin size 100 x 70 cm dibond surface...


Knife SetHand made unique "skelmeskes" made in 135 layers damast steel all kit...
Antoku KniveSelected workpiece by antoine van loocke for the "8th Triënnale voor v...
Blue Morpho in fram...Morpho didius, common name Giant Blue Morpho, is a Neotropical butterfly belongi...
Olieverf op doek120x100cm
set oorbelletjes en...set oorbelletjes en ring gevuld met roze resin...
Lizard Skeleton in ...Real lizard skeleton carefully articulated and mounted. The skeleton contrasts a...



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