Art I think is a long journey of explorations and soul-searching. And the artist is the inventor of this journey. I distance myself from all the "...ism’s" of the art world though they may be descriptive, just because they also reflect a sense of frame with restrictive patterns. What I create in fact reveals the imagery particles of my journey that I find in the depths of my soul. We are neither stable nor static beings who can stay the same in the journey of life. Is it possible to be apart from the scheme of the universe while everything in it is constantly changing? Of course not and so my painting series vary differently with subtle changes.

I have no fixation with the use of any material and techniques in my work. The only rule I have is; whatever media that I may use, it must contribute to the meaning of my art. I use any media that may enhance the outlook of my work and also support its expressions. I use materials that include broadcloth, cotton-fabric, string, feathers, scraps of paper, wet wipes, plant fibers etc in those works. I sometimes produce my own paper from waste paper while I explore different possibilities that these materials may give. You can see the samples of this in my Kökler (Roots) works.

I aim to represent the symbolic images of Today in a way that I can reflect the true meanings of them over the surfaces that I create. I prefer simplicity in my style and the colors that I choose. Therefore, any material in any color can be my media. I use oil-color, watercolor, acrylic paint, natural dyes and even further, any organic product that may give color such as tea or coffee. So becomes the color I choose also my media.

I am in search of traces. I wonder and search through my works. I go on giving myself chances to explore, to face new discoveries and see the changes of this path. I am curious, painting the path with all its changes and wondering where it goes. That is what you may see in my art.

Serial number: K&ou...32x45cm kolaj acrilic boya 2014
Serial number: K&ou...90x120 cm. canvas on mixed 2014
Serial number: K&ou...shaman sun 27x49cm kolaj akrilik boya 2014...
Serial number: K&ou...110x125cm kolaj akrilik boya 2014
Serial number: K&ou..."Gudea" 89x140cm. TÜ karışık teknik 2015...
Serial number: K&ou..."HAMSA" 70x100 cm.TÜ karışık teknik 2015...
Serial number: K&ou...great shaman drum 110x120 cm canvas on acrilic 2014...
Serial number: K&ou...39x51cm kolaj akrilik boya 2014
Serial number: K&ou...70x100 cm tuval üzerine karışık teknik 2014...
Serial number: K&ou...40x40 cm kolaj akrilik boya 2013
serial number: K&ou...first compositions 100x100cm tual on kolaj and acrilic 2014...
serial number; K&ou...The first map of the world 79x100cm canvas on mixed 2014...
Serial number: K&ou...27x38cm kolaj akrilik boya 2014
Serial number: K&ou...26x38 cm. paper on Acrilic 2014
Serial number: K&ou...29x41cm kolaj akrilik boya 20
Serial number: K&ou...MANDALA - 47x48 karışık teknik. 2014
Serial number: K&ou...Aztek Takvimi 37x50cm kolaj acrilic 2014...
Serial number: K&ou...33x42cm kolaj acrilic technique 2014
Serial number: K&ou...29x42cm kolaj and acrilic technique 2014
Serial number: K&ou...35x50cm. mixed technique. 2014


Serial number: K&ou...35x50cm. mixed technique. 2014



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